Jimbo enjoys working with all aspects of the masonry field – brick, stone, tile, glass block, sculptured brick, cultured stone and more. He finds each of them challenging and rewarding rather than focusing on just straight block or concrete work.

Jimbo chooses to dedicate his time towards doing the best possible job he can do in a professional, personal, creative and challenging environment. He does not want the added burden of employees making mistakes and tarnishing the reputation he has worked hard to develop.

From time to time, Jimbo’s schedule is very busy. Once he starts a new job, his time is dedicated to the best workmanship possible and timely completion of the project. For this reason, he takes on only one job at a time providing the most dedication possible to his client. Jimbo chooses not to juggle two or three jobs at a time; operating on a first come, first serve customer schedule time frame. In other words, if he takes on a three month project and is offered another job, Jimbo is honest and replies that he is too busy for new work at that time. His repeating clients know his schedule and dedication to his trade and are willing to wait unto he is free to schedule their next project.

Most of Jimbo’s jobs are small to medium lasting three weeks to forty-five days. When he is offered projects larger in scale, he directs customers to large masonry companies.

Jimbo provides a service to a niche market of Central Floridians, including residential and commercial projects. He believes his clients deserve the best possible workmanship and professional mason’s company available. By being an operator/owner he provides the service his customers deserve and expect, rather than hire a crew of hourly employees who might be more concerned about how many bricks they install. Jimbo takes extra effort to dedicate himself to your project, uses the best products available and offers the highest installation technology on the market today. He treats your property and safety on the jobsite as if it were his own home or project.